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September 2016 to Present

Click Clever Tales is a ‘Spin Off’ from our highly successful project Click Clever.  

April 2013 - Present

In partnership with KCOM Click Clever is an e-safety learning initiative aimed at KS2 pupils.

Flower Power

October 2017

We worked with Ganton School showing them every aspect to create a theatrical performance, including script writing, set design and acting.

Peace of Mind

2017 and ongoing

In 2017 Spin Off Productions started a project to help pupils at schools for young people with additional needs to understand issues that may affect their mental health.  

September 2017

This special exhibition is the culmination of a 17 week project running in collaboration between Spin Off Productions, Humber Community Advice Service and the Refugee Council. 

Colours of Music 2017 – Colours of Freedom

July 2017

What does freedom mean to you? 

We asked this question to the four groups of students involved in this years performance.

June 2016

In 2016, the Colours of Music traced the pilots historic flight from the UK to Australia as part of the Amy Johnson Festival.

October 2015 - January 2016

A Child of War was commissioned as part of the Untold Stories Hull Project funded by Hull City Council Library and Roots & Wings.

31st Oct - 19 Dec 2015

Once Upon a Story was a fun project designed to get parents and young children to discover their creative side at Hull Central Library.

June 26th 2015

In 2015, we used the Maori folk-tale Maui Tames The Sun.

November 2014

‘The Decade That Changed the World’ is a project about the 60’s which Spin Off Productions devised as part of the Humber Mouth Festival 2014.

Colours of  Music 2014 – A Fishy Tale

July 2014

This years Colours of Music Orchestra performed, A Fishy Tale, at The Winifred Holtby Academy Theatre.   

April – May 2014

Working with Artlink and Hull City Council, Spin Off Productions as part of the promotion of for Follow The Herring project and play ‘Get Up and Tie Your Fingers’ which was performed at Hull Truck Theatre.

June – September 2014

Spin Off Productions has been commissioned for the fourth year to help the Hull Libraries promote the National Reading Challenge.

November 2013

Shaking Shakespeare was an exciting and innovative introduction to Shakespeare for KS2 (years 4, 5 & 6) pupils funded by Hull City Arts & the Hull Library Service. 

June – September 2013

Commissioned by Hull Library services,two teams toured primary schools in Hull area to promote participation in the National Summer Reading Challenge. 

November 2013

Freedom Wall was a 2013 Humbermouth commission inspired by Martin Luther King’s famous I have a dream speech.

November 2013

Jigsaw Puzzle was a 2013 Humbermouth commission aimed at children under 10 and their families.

September 2010 - 2013

Spinoff Productions has been actively involved with the Hull Freedom Festival over the last four years.

June 2013

The Colours of Music Orchestra was formed by Honor Pallant and Hull City Arts Department after a presentation at Hull Truck Theatre called The Colours of Music.

February – March 2012

The performance, which was sponsored by the Art Council was  to produce a bespoke version of the Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Anderson to specifically appeal to children with special needs.

November 2012

Honor Pallant was keen to link various creative elements into a package that contained original stories, a creative artist and a musician.

June – September 2012

Spin off were approached to deliver a project to encourage more young people to join The National Reading Challenge .

August 2011

This well known book was performed as part of the Humber Mouth Festival .

September 2010

We encouraged young children between the ages of 5 and 8 to enjoy the magic of Dr Seuss and his rhythmical stories.