Peace of Mind 2018 - 2019

This is a project designed specifically for young people with Special needs. Young people that find certain topics causes them stress and confusion.

So what are those topics we cover when delivering this project?

Body Image

Stranger Danger


Independent Travel


Cyber Danger

These topics were delivered through a series of workshops. This project was over a period of five weeks spending one day per week in a participating school.

This, the first year was very successful and we received excellent comments and ratings from both teachers and pupils at those schools we visited.

Those comments have been noted and we will take those comments and suggestions on board. One of those suggestions was to included a meet and greet workshop to help our facilitators to gain the trust of the pupils in order to build their confidence to take part and get involved in the sessions and to ensure they get as much as possible out of each workshop.

Schools in Involved

Thank you to Ganton, Frederick Holmes, Riverside, Tweendykes, Kingsmill and St Anne’s schools for working with us on this project as participants and providing the venues, and the teachers and students who played their part in helping to make this the success it was.


Frances Allison

Andy Ross

Maiya Clucas


Connor Murphy

Tharian Sunaj

Amilia Symons

Oliver Strong

Dean Ramsden


Teacher Comments

Sarah Caley – Assistant Head Teacher – Ganton School

“The pupils have all been engaged and enjoyed taking part. The workshop leaders were all very professional. It has been great to see how some have grown in confidence over the weeks”

Martin Cox – Assistant Head Teacher – Riverside School

“Great variety of material & techniques employed. Both leaders were very engaging and shaved both warmth & patience. Perhaps a pause point after week 3 to discuss any repetition of ideas and suggestion for issues to cover might work well? Adapted level & activity well for each of the two groups.”

Ruth Thompson – Teaching Assistant -Tweendykes School

“The workshops I think have been very beneficial for the children. The understanding of some of the topics maybe didn’t always come across to them because of their own individual needs and understanding. On a whole it was a good workshop I know they all engaged in.”

Ian Sen – Learning Support Assistant – Kingsmill School

“A great workshop – The students at our school are of extremely varied ability – it is exceptionally hard to construct a lounge of the nature that will engage everyone and be helpful to all. In this respect you did an admirable job, thanks well done!”


Funded by

BBC Children in Need

East Riding of Yorkshire Tribune Trust

Student Comments


“I liked the games and the acting.”


“I have really enjoyed it plz come back.”


“Sad it has finished”


“I wand it again and play more games for the workshops and lessmworksheets”


“I would do it again. I would like more games. They were nice”


“I have really enjoyed it. I really liked the shark song. Thank you.” 


“excellent and awsome”