Click Clever Tales

Click Clever Tales is a ‘Spin Off’ from our highly successful project Click Clever. We aim to give children an introduction to internet safety for aged 5 – 6 years. Our aim is to teach children how to use the internet and give them an insight into the dangers they may face online and in their everyday lives. This project has become a reality with the help of the KCOM Community Fund and we would like to thank them for there help in setting up the project.

This interactive project is performed using puppets that tell simple fairy tales that have been rewritten to include important safety messages that the audience can relate to and understand.

The main areas we tell the children about in this project are:

1 – Being nice to people

2 – Personal Information is private

3 – People you don’t know are strangers – they are not always who they say they are

4 – Tell a grown up if you are worried

We first toured this project in September 2015 with excellent feedback from the 11 schools we visited.

Click Clever Tales has been funded by


Joseph and Annie Cattle Trust

February 2017


Name: Kate Baker / Tim Griffiths

Position:  Teacher YR1

School:  Acreheads

Kids understood bullying and strangers very well. Not sure if internet safety was 100% understood. We will follow up in lessons.

 Name: P Redfearn

Position: KS1 Leader

School: Acrehead

Very informative and age appropriate. Children loved it. Thank you.


Name: Mrs Crooks

Position: Teacher

School: North Frodingham

Fantastic! Such a clever way of getting the messages across without being too scary. I thought the role play with the teacher was a good idea too as this might help children to know what to say. Thank you.

Name: Stephanie Watson

Position: Year 2 Teacher

School: Woodland Primary

The children loved joining in and contributing. The puppets were fab! Thank you.

Name: Rachel Goodwin

Position: Teacher

School: St Marys MW

Brilliant way to get the message over by using stories and puppets. The children have come straight back, talkings about it and singing the song.

Name: Bernice Musgrave

Position: Assistant Head

School: Collingwood Primary

An excellent way to get the messages across. It supported the work we have been doing in class and our e-safety week and was accessable for our very young children. Thank you.

Name: Sue Loney

Position: Nursery Nurse

School: Sigglesthorne C of E Primary Academy

We thought it was pitched really well for our children. Loved the storey with the ipads. The children enjoyed the song. We felt you got the message across really well in a non theatening way.

Name: K Evans

Position: Class 2 Teacher

School: Burstwick Primary School

Children loved the song and actions. The relatable stories were fantastic.

Schools Involved

Market Weighton

Acre Heads


North Frodingham

Hall Road

New Pasture Lane




St Mary and  St Joseph Pocklington

St Mary’s Market Weighton

Hallgate Primary






Burstwick PS


Andy Ross

Frances Allison

September 2016


Name: Mrs Roberts

Position: Yr. 1 Teacher

School: Springhead Primary

The whole performance was excellent. Very engaging and suitable for Key Stage 1. Love the mixture of puppets and songs.

Name: Rachel Couper

Position: Teacher

School: Springhead Primary

Can’t think of how it could be any better! Thank you.

Name: V. Sykes

Position: Class Teacher

School: Preston Primary

Very good performance. The children were all very enthusiastic and talked positively about the show when back in the classroom. Thank you.

Name: Claire Hossell

Position: Teacher

School: St. John of Beverley

Excellently done – thank you. The message is simple and clear for our children. We can work with (help/hup?) following your visit.

Name: Hilary Cross

Position: Teacher

School: Bacon Garth Primary

Super telling of the stories and engaged the children really well. The ‘computer’ sketch was particularly effective. We really enjoyed the song too and were singing it in the classroom afterwards.

Name: Mrs Chubb

Position: Class Teacher

School: Hornsea Burton Primary

It was super 🙂

Name: Kelly Shepherdson

Position: Yr. 1 Teacher

School: Preston Primary

The children loved the puppets and really enjoyed the performance. 🙂

Schools Involved

St Johns Beverley

Bacon Garth

Hornsea, Burton





St Anthony’s


Beverley Manor Nursery


Andy Ross

Zoe Kennington