In short Spin Off Productions is about Education. An Education we provide through the Art of Live Theatre.

Since the company was started in 1994 by Honor Pallant, the main aim of simplifying the main themes and using modern techniques in order to make them more interesting for young people has not changed. When touring schools in Hull and the surrounding area we have done so with the aim of getting staff and students involved by participating in, not only the performance but also building the set and making props, as our recent project Flower Power and others previously have, all of which more information can be found on our Projects page.

With our skills (as below) we are able to provide the above and more for either a repeat project such as Click Clever or a one off performance such as A Child of War.              

Engaging all Ability Levels

Our performances introduce topics with an emphasis on engagment and particpation


We provide everything needed for the session, including teaching resources and further information


We can take any theme and create a performance around it

Experienced Performers

We work with a wide range of professional actors, musicians and creative artists


Our sessions are thoroughly researched, well planned and evaluated

Duration and Timing

Workshops and projects are designed around your timetable

Our Click Clever project was devised by Gerald Fox, who has been associated with Spin Off for many years as an actor, writer and director of plays and workshops. This project uses Forum Theatre, which encourages the audience to participate in the presentation. Forum Theatre helps to outline the problems surrounding the characters within the play or workshop.

The first performance of this project was in 2013 and due to its success is still going today with the next installment already being planned for later in 2019.  

We have worked with many different organisations over the years that have helped and supported us with all our projects in some way to make them possible.

One of those was the Hull City Council Libraries service who we were commissioned by for the Summer Reading Challenge which took place over a five year period between 2010 and 2014. The themes involved with this were:

Mythical Maze – 2014

Creepy House – 2013

Story Lab – 2012

Circus Stars – 2011

Space Hop – 2010


Another was The Hull City Arts Department. Spin Off in conjunction with them started a project called “Colours of Music” with four special schools in Hull in 2011. Frederick Holmes, Ganton, Northcott and Tweendykes schools pupils took part.

This is another of our ongoing projects which allows the children to perform in public with excellent performances once a year.

The concerts performed so far are as follows:

2019 – Colours of Dreams

2018 – Colours of the Earth

2017 – Colours to Freedom

2016 – Flying to Freedom

2015 – Maui Tames The Sun

2014 – A Fishy Tale

2013 – Too Too Moo and the Giant

2012 – The Olympics

2011 – Colours of Music 

As already mentioned some of our ongoing projects are in the planning stage to be performed later in the year and we also have more one off projects, we are also considering other real life stories with a view to to bring awareness to some of the many people suffer from into the open.

Please do take a look at our projects page to find out more about what we do.